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Welcome Back to The Soho Club

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Is it too early for Christmas presents? How about steamy reads? (It's never too early for steamy reads, right?) Read on, to find out about the new Regency collection featuring my latest instalment of Regency spies, as well as TWO BONUS novellas - and a bonus re-release of my Number 1 bestselling novella from 2021.

Last year I released a Regency spy novella set in January 1820, where my heroine and hero found themselves involved in a joint investigation on behalf of the Crown Princess Caroline, and the Regent respectively. The novella was titled The Case of the Black Diamond Part I - and it became an Amazon #1 bestseller. The story appeared in the collection The Secrets of The Soho Club.

The collection was so successful that we've put together another instalment.

Christmas Secrets of The Soho Club:

This new collection offers the same steam and scandal, with a focus on Christmas - and of course, romance. The collection comprises 8 Regency novellas, plus 2 bonus reads from Ebony Oaten and Pamela Freeman. Orders are now live and its already hit #4 in the list for Regency holiday reads.

My novella in this collection is The Case of the Black Diamond Part II, and it completes the romance mystery story I began in Part I. I've had a lot of readers wanting to know when Part II would be out - and it's finally here. I loved writing it for you all, and in line with the holiday theme, I wanted to give you guys something to say thank you for welcoming Claire Ryan and Xander Lindsey so heartily into Romancelandia.

My Free Release - don't miss this:

To thank you all - and to ensure anyone who reads the next adventure of my Regency spy series isn't left wondering what's going on in this story - I am re-releasing The Case of the Black Diamond Part I FOR FREE to everyone who purchases Christmas Secrets of The Soho Club.

You'll be able to download your free novella from 15 September - for as long as the new Soho Club collection is available. The secret link is inside The Case of the Black Diamond Part II, appearing in Christmas Secrets of The Soho Club - which is available now.

Another Bonus For You:

The revised release of The Case of the Black Diamond Part I includes a never-before seen bonus chapter linking both stories, and both romances. I hope you enjoy this newest instalment of my Soho Club mysteries, because 1820 was a wild year in Regency London, and my operatives' work is by no means over. There are more Soho Club collections underway, and more espionage to undertake. A spy's work is never done!

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