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Clyve's Valentine's Day Special

My newest novella just released in time for #ValentinesDay. It's a re-release of my second chance reunion romance, Stand & Deliver.

Stand & Deliver is my Regency-era take on the fascinating historical rumour surrounding Lady Katherine Ferrers, also known as The Wicked Lady. She was actually a Tudor noblewoman. For more about this fascinating woman, read my post here.

Or, here's the summary:

Katherine Ferrers was the daughter of a prominent noble in the Tudor court. She inherited substantial estates in Hertfordshire, making her a wealthy and titled six-year-old orphan by 1640. However, her family's staunch royalist stance during the Civil War led to the sequestration of their wealth by Parliament. Katherine's subsequent marriage at the age of 13 did not go well. Her husband mismanaged her estates, leading her towards financial ruin.

Facing dire financial straits and her husband's arrest, rumours suggest that Lady Katherine turned to highway robbery, earning her the moniker 'The Wicked Lady.' Though unconventional, this choice may have been a survival tactic during the civil war. There's no absolute proof of her highway exploits, but the legend persists, making her the only known noblewoman turned robber.

Lady Katherine died at the young age of 26. Official records state she died in childbirth, but local gossip suggested a more dramatic end. Her servants believed she was shot as a highwayman on Nomansland Common, not far from her manor house and main residence at Markygate Cell. They tell of her body being discovered in men's clothing, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to her story.


In the 1800s, the legend of The Wicked Lady gained renewed interest, coinciding with the discovery of a false wall, secret rooms, and hidden stairs at Markygate Cell. I've been keen to write Lady Katherine into a regency romance for years...and here she is.

A Winter reunion tale, my novella follows Colonel Elliot Brock, who returns from war to seek out his best friend's widow and ensure all is well. She's also his former crush - and he's concerned to find that all is not, in fact, well - though his former flame does her best to give this impression.

Countess Olivia Essex assumes the guise of the notorious highwayman Black Peter to protect her estate, creating an intriguing story of deception, love, and the resilience of an unconventional Regency heroine. She's so unconventional in fact, that I can't promise you a Regency wedding - but never fear: Olivia and Elliot's #HEA is safe.

The story explores themes of love, survival, and the unconventional choices lovers must make during challenging times.

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