Trilogy: The Scandalous Cliftons

Finding love in Regency England isn’t easy for the sons of a corrupt Duke, or his daughter. There are their father's strategems to thwart, the expectations of society to navigate - and the  opposing wrench of their own wild hearts.


The scandalous behaviour of Wil, Lydia and Roger leads them in (and out of) the drawing rooms and bedchambers of London, Lancashire and Paris. Can they each find happiness, or will the unhappy union into which they were born blight their lives forever?


Soon to be followed by The Romany Chronicles, the saga of Brishen House and their lovers.

The Scandalous Cliftons Trilogy
Book 1: The Rake & The Princess

Book 2: The Romany King's Mistress

Book 3: The New Duke's Affair

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