• Clyve Rose

Willingly . . .

Walk willingly into my Circle.

Do not hover at the edges of Me; this will not serve You.

My edges are not fixed, no matter how still I may sometimes seem.

Stand a moment – just one – in the place that is Me; You will find I

Flow on – disappear.

My power is not found

At the edges of Me.

Step Forward Into my Fire.

Do not call out to me.

I will not answer.

Do not wait.

I will not.

Do not stop.

I will not.

Step forward – as slowly as You like, walk into Me.

Bring all You have;

I always do.

Choose my fire.

Allow me to Love You into the best of men.

Do not hesitate –

If You want all of Me.

Come now, come ready – and come willingly.

I am already moving . . .

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