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Thank You (Yes, I'm crying)

I have been writing my HEAs for longer than I’ve been doing almost anything else. Some actions run through our lives like golden threads through mist. On the good days, I’m writing. On the bad days, I’m writing. On the really bad days, I sometimes have to kick my butt to get into it, but I keep writing.

I’ve often been told ‘it looks like madness’ to those who don’t pursue such an outlet with such single-mindedness, but it doesn't feel like that to me. It's my sanity, my golden thread, and it matters because stories matter.

There have been many suggestions throughout my life that I ‘give it up’, that I put my words away and I have tried – but writing always calls me back. The desire to create, to write. draws me like a compulsion and my commitment to telling stories and drawing out my characters has been stronger than ever in 2020.

That’s why, when my readers feel moved by my writing to nominate my works for awards, I literally tear up with gratitude. Thank you for reading my books, for sticking with me and loving my characters.

I am delighted to announce that my recent releases have been nominated for the following awards:

The #ReadRChat Awards:

Always a Princess has been nominated for the first round of the ReadRChat Awards – which is so exciting! It’s nominated in the following categories: - Best Debut - Best Historical These nominations closed on 12 Dec and I am so excited that my readers enjoy my work so much. I am over the moon to have made the first round and I am so, so grateful.

The Crimson Quill

Always a Princess has been nominated in the following categories: - Best Debut - Best Historical

To add your vote, please click here.

The Swoonies

Always a Princess has been nominated for the first round of these romance awards as well – so please keep voting! It's nominated for: - Best Debut - Best Historical - Best Cover Design My latest release The Christmas Salon has been nominated for: - Best Novella

To add your vote, please click here.

Nominations for this round close on 31 Dec 2020, so please keep voting and encourage your friends!

Please Vote if you’d like to support me!:

It’s nominations from readers like you that give me the courage to keep writing. My deepest gratitude to those of you who nominate, review, vote – and of course, read my work. That so many of you embrace my characters and their their journeys, makes it easier to love my own.

(PS: For those of you who have asked about a HEA for Valkin from Always a Princess, watch this space. His heart is most definitely in it.)

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