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Lavender, Lace & A Romantic Rendezvous

If you receive my newsletter, you'll already know that I'm spending Valentine's Day weekend with dozens of fellow romance fans at the Australian Romance Readers Association (ARRA) Romantic Rendezvous. I'm looking forward to collecting my own swag bags, but I'll have plenty at Stall 5 in Sydney for any of you who'd like to stop by (see below). There may even be a giveaway novella and a few games.

The King's Mistress - Official Launch:

I'll officially launch my newest Regency romance novel, The King's Mistress, in a whirl of lavender and lace at ARRA - and I'll have my entire backlist there for you all, including:

Limited Releases: My LIMITED RELEASE novellas - which are only available until March 2023 - will be there as well! From next month, they'll be gone forever. Here's the list:

Caroline's Christmastide:

In case you missed it, I released a 12-part holiday novella in real time, based on #Christmastide traditions. There are a few blog posts about it, and the link may appear here.

It's called Caroline's Christmastide, and the secret link was published in my newsletter. If you've not signed up for my monthly updates, you can find do so here. This novella will be taken down after Valentine's Day, so if you enjoy a quickie read with a sweet kiss in the dark among the horses, check it out before it's gone.

Harlot for a Day:

To celebrate the launch of The King's Mistress, I'll be taking over the Historical Harlots Facebook group for an hour on Valentine's Day - and there'll be more games and giveaways for you there, including:

  • Free books

  • Guessing Games

  • My own personal Wordle puzzle

  • Prizes... ...and a surprise!

Join me, and a bunch of harlots for fun and games #Valentine'sDay2023.

NOTE: The correct Regency-era collective noun is 'herd of harlots' but - er, no thanks. I quite like the slang phrase 'jam of tarts' though, don't you? Come for the wine, games and prizes - stay for the live read, and the missing. Will there be kissing? There might be kissing - and there'll definitely be romance. Talk about starting #2023 off with a bang!

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