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#FREEREADS for you - Now!

Summer Secrets of the Soho Club is the third installment in this bestselling collection of Regency novellas. Each collection has reached #1 status on Amazon, and sold out of its paperback print run - and this one is no exception! I'm excited to be in such exalted company with fellow authors from whom I always learn so much - and all the stories in this one are unique and entertaining.

With 7 steamy novellas to keep you entertained, including my own novella A Delicate Investigation, this collection has something for everyone.

As you've likely gathered, my novella brings back my spies for another case - this one involving handsome thief, and the lady he's falling for. Her connections prove to be both mysterious, and alarming - and rather closer to the Ryan sisters than even clever ex-operative Claire Ryan could believe.

If this is your first case with Claire and Ada Ryan (and their beaux), I hope you'll find them as intriguing as my other readers - and don't worry if you feel like you want to read their earlier cases...

Can you read the prequel novellas?

The earlier cases aren't available any more, as all of these stories are only out on limited release - but hey, I've got you! My novellas in this collection contains a secret spy link to the two previous mysteries - and they're FOR FREE for anyone who buys this collection. If you get it between 24-29 August, you'll get them ALL FOR FREE (that's 9 novellas - plenty of holiday reading for you all).

Reviewers Cooee Callout!

Down here is Australia 'cooee' is a bush call. If you're lost in bushland, or event he outback, you cup your hands around your mouth and call out "Cooee!"

It's best to do this loudly, and raise your pitch towards the end of your callout. This ensures your cry will echo as far as possible. It works best among the mountains and gorges around here, but I digress.

60 Reviews...and we'll get Roger's #HEA

I'm issuing a Cooee Callout for reviews of The King's Mistress. My publisher has specified that they'll release Roger's Clifton Hall #HEA when my review count hits 60 - and I'm already at 23 on Goodreads.

If you've reviewed The King's Mistress, please tag me so I can send you a thank you gift. I'll send one to anyone who reviews The King's Mistress before 30th November 2023. Just message me here, or tag me on my socials:

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  • IG/Threads: #clyverose

  • X: @clyverose

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