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Clifton Hall on Sale: Discounts Go Deep!

BREAKING NEWS: Midnight 5th March-11.59pm 11th March (Pacific Time) sees ALL my Clifton Hall e-novels and novellas discounted on Smashwords so deeply, all my heroes and heroines are blushing at once. Is it March madness? Has my publisher gone crazy? Or is it just that #RomanceReadersRock? (The latter - obviously.) Actually, it's Read an EBook Week at Smashwords, and as I'm a writer and love supporting readers, how can I not go all the way with you guys?

ON SMASHWORDS ONLY: From 12:01 am Sunday, March 5th 2023 - 11:59 pm on Saturday, March 11th 2023 US Pacific Time all my books are going to be deeply discounted. Remember to use the coupon to get the best price (your coupon code's in the banner above).

Does this include my #NewRelease The King's Mistress?

It absolutely does include:

Just a reminder that this promo favours e-books only, as that's the nature of Smashwords. My paperback editions are still available via all the usual platforms.

If you wanted to grab any of my other titles, I have a bonus offer for you:


This one might really be me going a little mad in the heat (it's 38 degrees celsius here right now, which is 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

Anyone who reads ANY of my Clifton Hall novels, and tags me on ANY of my social media accounts for their review (including my new TikTok account at authorclyevrose), gets a free copy of one of the my digital backlist. This offer expires STRICTLY 31 MARCH, 2023, so if you ever wanted to score one of my books at a discount, plus pick up a #freeread, your time has come #romancereaders (I've always wanted to write that line...) Happy March Reading!!

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