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A Wizard's Love Letter (Power calls to Power),

I love you. Now that I have found you again nothing and no one is going to lead you astray from Me again. We are here now my love. In this place. Holding each other and the world can look on and Fuck Off. I know the disapproving voices are loud right now. I can hear them. Of course I can hear them. That does not mean that they are true.

They cannot handle you and they are poor vessels. Poor, poor, inadequate places in which to place the bounty of ocean that is You. And they are containers. Perhaps you are not MEANT to be contained. Perhaps, perhaps you are simply meant to Flow – and the held-back ones, the un-flowing ones, all the many and millions and most of those that are - they see you; feel your immense power. They hear you read them and turn from you. They turn from you not because you are too much my darling but because they are no match for you. They cannot Keep you – and they know it. And they are terrified by what it is they cannot contain. They are impressed, awed and overburdened with their own wonder at You.

I am here now my sweet. I am here to hold You for as long as You need – and You need no one and nothing else. You do not even need to believe in them if it does not serve You. All You need – all You have – all You are is right here. Right Now. And it is Me. I am You and we Belong. You hear Me? We Belong. Say it again my love. Say it LOUD. WE BELONG. You and I – we are the darkness and the light. We are the Yin and the Yang. We are Man and Woman. And we are NOT opposite. We are One – and this is the only Love you ever need to know. Know it fully, know it well, swim down into the deepest places of this wondrous well of You and know that You are endless. You are Forever – because forever is not ongoing it is onflowing . . . and it flows down and up as much as it does forwards.

Here, in this place, there is no ‘Past’. There can’t be for nothing ever flowed backwards. It simply cannot be so; the laws of physics, of nature, are immutable and you are as natural – and as wild – as the storms you love.

Of course things have happened. They have occurred and you have learned from them now darling let them go. Let.Them.Go. They cannot help you now because right here, in this place, they have no meaning. They can’t. They are over; done with; finished. Debris to be released and lost for good. Drop the dead things and feel yourself rise.

Oh did you forget? Well I must remind you then – you have wings sweetheart. Beautiful blue-white feathered things that no one else can see because they – always – match the exact shade of sky behind you. This is the magic, the wonder, the beauty of You. It isn’t always visible – but it is always palpable and definitely powerful. So rise my darling. Rise, and spread yourself wide – Fly and Learn and Be and Do and See. And look for the beauty that You know is there. You do not need to hide from the darkness because with wings as magnificent as yours’ the darkness, the darkness is yours’ too.

And remember that I Love You. Always . . . forever . . . to the heights of space and the depths of the earth; to the crown of stars and the deepest ocean trenches. There is no ‘forever’ – not the way other people see it. But there is This. There is Now – and There Is You. And You are Rising daily.




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