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A Sweet Christmas for 99c? Yes.

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Part II of the Case of the Black Diamond

I've unfortunately had to postpone this release - so that's the bad news! I was going to build it into my Christmas list and my sweet novella but the characters are being looked at for a series now so that needs to be mapped out before they show their clever faces in my work again.

Good News - a Merry Christmas is only 99c until 8 Oct.

The Good news, is that I have a new hero and heroine for you to meet in this new Christmas release: Captain Lionel Eversfield: He turned away from the girl he wanted to kiss years ago because he feared he wasn't worthy of an earl's daughter. Then came war, and riches and just as easily, wounding. Doesn't our damaged hero deserve his Christmas wish? Lady Annette Ryehurst: Long after her father's death our lady finds herself struggling to manage a failing façade of promise and wealth. Waiting for recalcitrant suitors to make up their minds before her funds run out feels like desperation The earl's daughter finds her strength tested as she wonders - will she ever get her chance? Can our broken hero, and our long-suffering heroine, find the love they both deserve? Well, it is Christmas, dear readers and Christmas is a time for wishes...

Preorder this collection for just 99c now to find out how Lionel and Annette fare this season.

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