In 330 BC, the greatest general the world has ever seen brought the entire known world under his  dominion. His name was Alexander and it is said he died without an heir. It is also said he could not be bested by any man. . . . 


Scythia is the daughter of an Amazon. Her mother died in the service of Darius the Great. Raised in the Persian court, trained by Darius' wives and concubines to be a lady of the court, Scythia feels trapped and resolves to find her way back to her tribe.


When Persepolis is destroyed by Alexander’s army, Scythia sees her chance. She makes her way to the Macedonian camp and, in Alexander’s mobile tent city, survives... as a warrior.


Alexander, despite having little time for women, finds himself intrigued by this troublemaker, turning his beliefs about men and women on its head.


As his invincible army crosses the Far East, Alexander and Scythia spend more time together on – and off – the battlefield. This is the last thing either one of them needs…


A provocative tale of passion, power, and two people choosing destiny above all else, even themselves.

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